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ADA Web Design Tampa

Why is web design with a strong foundation important?

Every company "has a website" and "someone that does that". If you want us to educate you about what you're actually getting, are open to a FREE 2ND OPINION, and you're ready to move forward immediately to fix web design and marketing issues, please call Pro Digital Strategies at 813-693-1633.

The results of our web design and marketing audits are eye-opening. We've found $20,000+ websites invisible on Google, and companies paying $3,000-$10,000+ per month on "digital marketing" which provides no value.

If you're unwilling to spend money to fix web design and marketing issues if you're aware of problems, you're not interested in accomodating handicap consumers or the revenue associated from this demographic, or you'd rather roll the dice, you should GET RID OF YOUR WEBSITE AND STOP SPENDING MONEY ON MARKETING IMMEDIATELY.

Why? You're likely a target for discrimination lawsuits, not getting a return, and ignoring a large demographic.

Don't take a chance. Get a 2ND OPINION NOW, even if not from us.

BE CAREFUL of gouging, experts, and "gurus" (they are usually the opposite).

Think of a website and marketing plan with a bad foundation like a house with a sinkhole. No matter how pretty it is, you always have a problem with the foundation.

To learn about other other scams, please visit Google support.

Learn about handicap accessibility and ADA compliant websites. Very few websites are ADA Compliant. Therefore you're ignoring handicap consumers, AND also invisible on Google in MOST cases. This means if you're a sucessful small, medium, or large company, you're liable for LARGE discrimination lawsuits. Why? Because we live in an extremely litigious country. Furthermore, marketers and graphic designers do not have the same skill sets as coders, search engine writers, or marketing research professionals. They aren't able to help in these areas, and it's impossible to be an expert at 17 things. But all are needed for a sucessful brand to grow efficiently. Even most coders don't understand ADA compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) or ADA website standards.

Building a brand, and operating efficiently is crucial for ALL businesses. It's possible to do it without a website. But a business is unlikely to be successful long term without a strong brand or name recognition. It's very likely your organization is spending a significant amount of money on something that is providing no return. We like to educate businesses and want to help you to make sure that isn't happening.

We've saved companies thousands per month. How? We found several cases where our 2ND OPINION often shows SEO and traffic is often from spammy links in India; No website or plugin updates were made in over 6 months; Posts on Instagram and Facebook by the marketing agency or guru helping you are invisible and getting little to no engagement. Unfortunately, sometimes fluff, fancy reports, and great resumes often lead companies to believe something is being done. Many companies don't realize that paying people money to spend a bunch of time on beautiful photos and curating content, doesn't help generate the same type of return without research and/or an advertising budget. Why? The team or jack of all trades doing this is often juggling 17 things, experts at none of them, and using methods that aren't relevant anymore. Technology and trends change daily!

Web design provides NO value...