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Tampa Investment Opportunities. Pro Digital Strategies.

We're currently looking to partner with Tampa investors that are as passionate as us, and open to diversifying a portion of their assets into Technology. We plan to further develop our prototype in the Artificial Intelligence and Market Research industry.

If you're seeking immediate, EXPONENTIAL returns, Technology is the way.

Technology investments are a more aggressive, but high reward area VS. INCREMENTAL returns in Bars/Restaurants (high risk and vanity, but low reward, after/IF you recoup your initial investment) and Real Estate Investing.

Common investments & average returns*:

  • Bars/Restaurants - $500,000-$1MM avg. initial investment (6-10% avg. annual return)
  • Real Estate Investing - $200,000 avg. investment property (12-16% avg. annual return)
  • S&P 500 average annual return - investment varies (9-10% avg. annual return)

*Sources: CNBC, Forbes,, Restaurant News

Getting in early with Tech*:

  • Bitcoin (10MM% return)
  • Facebook (200,000% return)
  • Instagram (50,000% return)
  • Snapchat (235,000% return)

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