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Pro Digital Strategies Story

Our story surrounds a passion to help our clients make more money and guide them through consultative service. We are always focusing on new, forward thinking, and strategic, effective ways to grow companies, without spending money on tools that are unlikely to convert to revenue.

One way we achieve this, is by constantly educating ourselves and partnering with other industry experts and companies. We like forming alliances to develop new products, services, and ways to generate revenue. Many companies and individuals in the market today design "beautiful" websites, which is important from a branding stanpoint. But to get ranked on search engines, websites also need to have a foundation in the code, and content often created by a programmer or someone that understands the dyanmics of search engines. Some website can often cost $20,000 or more. This is because of the creative time and design work. Many of these website don't include tools to help companie get found.

We like to educate clients of options. We offer websites in all price ranges starting around $599 and can go well over $100,000 or more if a company wants an extensive database heavy driven website like a social network, or business diretory.

We didn't plan to start Pro Digital Strategies initially. We were all focused on software development, various jobs, and a few other projects for a number of years, such as Surveysays, a consumer product goods market research prototype, developed recently.

After running a brick and mortar bicycle company in New Jersey, Geoffrey Fahey, the founder of Pro Digital Strategies worked on a cross functional team at Altria for 7 years. Altria is a Fortune 500 multi-billion dollar consumer product goods company. While at Altria, the focus was on helping companies like Wawa, 7-11, Sam's Club, Walmart, and Circle K operate more efficiently, through consulting services, and various software tools for inventory management, marketing, and merchandising.

After working with Altria, Geoffrey Fahey decided to start his own venture. Initially, the focus was on software development in the marketing research industry to help companies operate more efficiently, similar to what Geoffrey Fahey focused on at Altria.

Then, he started to partner with other companies to generate cash flow during development time. The company offered social media services, mobile applications, websites, and other tools to local companies. Unfortunately, after working on a few projects, the budget started to run out, and Geoffrey came up short in those areas, where he spent tens of thousands of dollars on development. He would not push out a product or service if it was not perfect. That was his main takeaway and learning experience. Similar to Elon Musk's passion for perfection and not rolling out garbage, Geoffrey would not either. But Geoffrey did not have the budget Elon Musk had. He realized he should launch a more lean version of his product to test the market. Geoffrey Fahey also spent too much money crafting the products and services to his liking, and trying to make them as perfect as possible with no glitches. Though he didn't spend enough time or money focusing on reaching the critical masses necessary for it to take off, forming partnerships with the right companies, or marketing it strategically, on a regional or national level.

After working on a few other projects in consulting roles, and regrouping and partnering with other like-minded companies in many different areas, we decided Pro Digital Strategies would educate companies on many of the successes and failures we all faced over a number of years.

The goal of Pro Digital Strategies is helping companies grow as efficiently as possible, without wasting money on nonsense that is unlikely to yield a return.

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