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At Pro Digital Strategies Tampa, we only recommend ways that are likely to grow revenue or save money without spending your investment on tools that are unlikely to get a return. ADA websites and SEO webites are at the heart of this, as well as Social Media Engagement (not just posting), and transparent marketing plan recommendations.

Be careful of gimmicks, such as "reaching thousands of people in an affluent area", guarantees to rank on the first page of Google or Youtube, or guaranteed results on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc. If there are only 10 spots on each page of Google, how can companies guarantee website placement to everyone? Are they increasing the number of website spots on Google to 15? How can they, if they don't own Google?

Many companies tout themselves as social media gurus, or amazing web design companies (focusing on aesthetics, which is sexy and appealing). Many agencies do great work and have billion dollar clients. However, much of the technical, website, and social media work is often completed by a single person, or team of people, that have 17 tasks on their plate, and the wrong skill set for the work being completed. For example, web design and graphic design is not the same skill set as web development, which focuses on coding, programming, and architecture of a website (not sexy or appealing). When websites are designed by these folks instead of developers and programmers, or individuals that understand search engines, you're often paying for a website with a pretty design, but one that NO ONE WILL FIND, other than people typing in the exact website URL in the URL bar (not in the search engine). A pretty website does not mean you'll be found automatically on Google. If that isn't important to you, we can help there as well. But we want to make sure you're aware of the services that you're buying. Do other companies really have your best interests and efficiency in mind, without an expert, or technical person, assigned to EACH particular (technical) task? Are they recommending the most likely ways to yield a return based on the money you are spending? Marketing can yield a return if you do it over and over, experiment, learn from failures, and have an (technical or specialized) expert working with you to create a strategic plan.

Even if you don't hire us, please take advantage of our FREE technical (not just how something looks) website and marketing audit. It's often helpful to have a second set of eyes show how things are actually operating.

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  • Exposure and traffic in 7 days or your money back!*
  • ADA Website Tampa Experts - well architected and ADA compliant
  • Website Maintenance and affordable VPN hosting
  • SEO Website Tampa Pros - so you don't need to waste thousands on SEO each month
  • Google Adwords, Pay Per Click, Google Maps API, and Social Media Integration
  • Proximity Marketing, Geofencing technology
  • Marketing Research-based Social Media Engagement (just posting alone doesn't work)
  • E-Commerce strategies that dominate on platforms such as Amazon
  • Online/Wholesale Print Pricing & Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Website traffic in 7 days
    or get your money back!*

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