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ADA Websites Tampa. Pro Digital Strategies.

At Pro Digital Strategies Tampa, we implement cost savings strategies. We recommend tools that are likely to grow revenue, without spending money on tasks that are unlikely to yield a return. ADA websites and SEO websites are at the heart of this, as well as 0% merchant processing programs, social media engagement (not just posting), and transparent marketing plan recommendations.

The reason why an ADA compliant website is important is not just to avoid lawsuits. MOST websites developed (regardless if $20,000+) are invisible to search engines and screen readers because agencies typically have marketers and graphic designers creating them (not the same skill sets as coding, search engine knowledge, and strategic writing). Ideally, websites developed need all these skills to increase the likelihood of a return. This results in a website that is both visible and ranked on search engines, and ADA compliant (visible by screen readers). If you want to save money, and make sure you're not being gouged, we strongly advise you to call NOW for a FREE 2nd opinion.

  • 0% credit card processing program - E-commerce + brick & mortar
  • Real estate digital marketing consulting
  • ADA Website Tampa Experts - well architected and ADA compliant
  • Website Maintenance and affordable VPN hosting
  • SEO Website Tampa Pros - so you don't need to waste thousands on SEO each month
  • Google Adwords, Pay Per Click, Google Maps API, and Social Media Integration
  • Proximity Marketing, Geofencing technology
  • Marketing Research, Social Media Engagement, & Automation (posting doesn't generate $$$)
  • E-Commerce strategies that dominate on platforms such as Amazon

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